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Professionals Seniors May Rely on Chronic Symptoms


Deactivating or stabilizing the chronic disease can be easy, but managing residual symptoms and disabilities can be a daily challenge.

Medications are the first-line soldiers for managing the residual symptoms. Medical professionals are the next options for symptom control. As a home health provider in Daly City, California, allow us at HOMEASSIST to share which professionals (aside from doctors) seniors should trust in these situations.

  • Nurses
    Nurses can perform medical tasks for seniors at home. They may provide intermittent care for seniors during the relapsing of symptoms. For instance, a senior patient suffers from urinary retention due to a relapse of disease. Thanks to nurses, they can insert a temporary urinary catheter until the symptoms and disease stabilize.
  • Physical therapists
    Some seniors suffer from physical or mobility problems due to their chronic condition. With the help of physical therapy, pain management is possible. For example, a senior suffers from relapsing joint pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. A physical therapist can help manage and reduce pain for a long time.
  • Home health aides
    Sometimes, symptoms are managed with a good rest. However, seniors may not be able to juggle rest and household chores at once. With the help of home health aides, they can home assist seniors by providing their basic needs at home.

Does your senior loved one need any of the professionals listed in this article? If yes, you may rely on them with our home health services in California. Receive our services now by contacting us.

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