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Do Seniors Have to Use Assistive Devices Immediately?


Seniors with mobility issues are vulnerable to falls and other related incidents in their homes. Assistive devices are the most common option that they choose to resolve the incident. However, assistive devices may not be the first choice for home assist or prevention of falls at home, as they may not always promote absolute independence.

We understand that seniors want to achieve independence. But what should be the first choice of seniors to prevent falls? As a home health provider in Daly City, California, our answer to the question will be relying on physical therapists and home health aides. Want to know why? Continue reading this article.

There is always a cause for every problem. For instance, if your senior loved one has a problem with walking due to joint pain, you must first find out what causes the joint pain. If it is arthritis, then here is when our physical therapists shall help.

With the help of physical therapy, your loved one will learn how to manage and reduce pain with the help of exercises instructed by their therapist. Your loved one should continue doing therapeutic exercises to resolve mobility issues and completely prevent falls.

If they have a hard time doing therapeutic exercise, you may help them or seek help from a home health aide. If therapy does not work, this is where you should introduce assistive devices to your options.

With our home health services in California, seniors have a lot of options to seek what they need. If your senior loved one needs our services, contact us at HOMEASSIST, and we will help them with their needs.

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