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How Can Occupational Therapy Help Seniors?


Occupational therapy is a procedure to help patients to recover or enhance the skills they need to complete daily activities. An occupational therapist can provide elderly care and work with the senior’s support team to ensure they receive the proper care and meet their personal goals.

As a trusted home health provider in Daly City, California, we will discuss how occupational therapy benefits older adults:

  • Overcome the challenges of everyday life
    Seniors recovering from an injury may find it difficult to perform everyday activities like independence home health, and personal hygiene. To overcome these challenges, occupational therapists teach exercises and rehabilitation techniques. It improves their strength, basic motor skills, range of motion, and mobility.
  • Reduce the risk of falls
    According to the CDC, about 36 million falls are reported yearly among the aging population. For seniors, a bad fall can lead to injury that affects their health and quality of life. Occupational therapy can help reduce the risk of falls through special techniques and exercises designed to improve balance and strengthen muscles.
  • Address vision loss
    Occupational therapists can also help seniors with vision issues by performing activities to improve their vision. It may include recommending routines to improve pattern detection, vision awareness, and perceptual vision. Occupational therapists can also recommend adjustments to the senior’s home, such as color-coding household items and removing clutter.

We at HOMEASSIST offer high-quality home health services in California. Among our wide range of services, we offer occupational therapy to restore the functions of daily living.

Reach out to us to learn more about arranging occupational therapy and a home assist for an elderly loved one.

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