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Safety 101: Home Precautions for Senior Safety


Seniors go through a series of bodily changes that can affect their eyesight and mobility, which increase their risk of slips and falls. Such misfortunes can lead to grave injuries, which is why taking extra precautions, as well as making your home extra safe for your senior loved one, is the ideal choice according to a home health provider in Daly City, California.

Below are some effective ways to reduce the risk of injuries and make your home extra safe for your senior dear ones:

  • Provide Hand Support Rails.

    Handrails provide seniors with extra support and stability. These also give your senior folks something to hold onto when they get up, thereby increasing senior safety at home.

  • Keep Floors Clean.

    Most seniors don’t have 20/20 vision. Some of them even have conditions that affect their eyesight, so to prevent slips and trips, it is a must to keep floors dry, clean, and clutter-free.

  • Provide Them Mobility Assistance.

    For optimal safety, especially when your senior loved one moves around, providing them with mobility assistance is a must. Mobility assistance from family or a trusted home health aide provides them with support and stability that effectively reduces the risks of injuries.

Keep Hallways and Staircases Well-Lit. Dark pathways, hallways, and staircases are safety hazards for seniors as they can hinder them from seeing obstacles on their way. Make seeing floor grooves, obstacles, or stair steps easier for your senior folk as they move around at night by keeping such areas in your home well-lit.

If you seek reliable home assist for your senior folk to help ensure their safety, please reach out to HOMEASSIST.

We also offer home health services in California that can help ensure their health!

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